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Jules Destrooper
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Bonne Maman breakfast biscuits
Chabrior chocolate biscuits
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Walkers pure butter shortbread
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Betuwe apple spread
Buys negerzoenen
CSM original syrup in easy-to-use dispenser
De Ruijter chocolate confetti & fruit flavored sprinkles
Gouda's Gilde syrup waffles & biscuits
Kanjers syrup filled waffles
Koopmans bakery mix (cake, apple pie, butter biscuit, poffertjes, pan cakes, dougnut balls, bread)
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Swiss Délice biscuits
Kambly of Switzerland biscuits
Everything about stroopwafels

Stroopwafels, the delicious Caramel Cookie Waffles with richly filled chewy centers are one of Holland's true specialties. The Caramel Cookie Waffles are called 'Stroopwafels' by the Dutch.

Order your stroopwafels online and they will be delivered to your doorstep - worldwide - in a few days. You can order small quantities like 1 carton with 8 packs that contain 12 waffles each for only US$ 39.50. For large orders please request for a quotation. You will receive a personalized response through email. Remember, you're under no obligation to buy and your personal information is safe with us.

Thinking about starting your own business? First visit! is the place to buy your professional stroopwafel equipment. There is an electric version (230V / 2.2kW) and a version that works with propane / butane gas. Contact for a customized quotation to export the professional equipment to your country.

We also have kitchenware equipment. Bake perfect stroopwafels with the Tefal Multi Snack Reverso that comes with stroopwafel baking trays (230V / 1000W). The 'Knappertjes' iron can be used on open fire. Contact for a customized quotation to export the equipment to your country.