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Learn about Instant coffee

You will find every aspect of instant coffee and the production of instant coffee carefully explained.

Instant coffee | Production processes of instant coffee

Instant coffee

Instant coffee was launched onto the market in the 1950's. A cup of instant coffee can be prepared quickly and easily, without brewing, since this has already been done in the factory.

Production processes of instant coffee

To produce instant coffee, millions of cups of coffee a day are produced. These huge amounts of fresh coffee are then concentrated by allowing a considerable amount of the water to evaporate. The coffee produced is then made into instant coffee using one of the two techniques: freeze-drying or spray-drying.

During freeze-drying the coffee concentrate is deep-frozen to a temperature of around -40 degrees Celsius, causing the water particles in the concentrated coffee to form ice crystals. Using a method known as sublimation the ice is extracted from the frozen granules. The result is freeze-dried granular coffee with a noticeable, yet limited loss of flavour.

During spray-drying the concentrated coffee is sprayed into the top of a high tower together with hot air. Due to the heat the water evaporates as it falls, so that all that remains is dried powdered coffee. Spray-drying is simpler than freeze-drying. Because high temperatures are needed for this process, many of the natural properties of the coffee are lost. 

source: Douwe Egberts

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