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Directory > Confectionery
+++ Austrian confectionery +++
Bensdorp chocolate
Milka chocolate
Mirabell Mozartkugeln
Reber Mozart Kugeln
Suchard Finessa chocolate
+++ Belgian confectionery +++
Côte d'Or chocolate
+++ English confectionery +++
Quality Street toffees
+++ German confectionery +++
Kalfany bonbons
+++ Dutch confectionery +++
Autodrop liquorice (funny shaped liquorice)
Butter sweets from Zeeland
Droste chocolates
Katja liquorice
King peppermint
Klene liquorice
Matthijs liquorice
Mentos & Fruitella
Rademaker's Haagsche Hopjes (coffee candy)
Redband winegums and liquorice
Sportlife chewing gum
Xylifresh sugarfree chewing gum
Venco liquorice
Wilhelmina peppermints
+++ Italian confectionery +++
Baci chocolates
Perugina chocolate bars
+++ Swiss confectionery +++
Bonherba sugarfree herbal bonbons
Cailler Swiss fine chocolate
Frey Swiss chocolate
Lindt Swiss chocolate
Ricola naturally good
Swiss Délice chocolate